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Isle of Eriskay

St KIlda boat trip


departing from Eriskay Ferry Terminal, Isle of Eriskay

Saturday 24 June, Monday 26 June, Tuesday 27 June, Wednesday 28 June, Thursday 29 June at 7.20am

Duration: approx 12 hrs

Cost: £255 per person

St Kilda trips are given a two day window, in case of bad weather the trip will be moved to the second day. Flotation suits or lifejackets are provided. Wear suitable clothing and footwear, gloves and a hat are recommended as well as sunscreen. 

Terrain: Rough terrain, stout footwear recommended. 


Join Uist Sea Tours and discover the remotest part of the British Isles. St Kilda is an Archipelago which possesses amazing cliffs, wildlife and is home to one of the biggest seabird breeding station in the North-West of Europe! From Puffins to Shearwater, Petrel, Fulmar, Gannet and Shags, an estimated 1 million sea birds live on and visit the archipelago.

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