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Species on the Edge

Species on the Edge is a new bold and ambitious partnership programme of eight conservation organisations, all dedicated to improving the fortunes of 37 priority species found along Scotland's coast and islands. Programme activity is spread over seven project areas: the Inner Hebrides and Argyll; Solway; East Coast; North Coast; Orkney; Shetland; and the Outer Hebrides.

Throughout the duration of the four and a half year programme, the Species on the Edge Outer Hebrides team will also be working with local communities and land owners to support six target species: 

Artic Tern; Little Tern; Great Yellow Bumblebee; Irish Ladies Tresses; 

Northern Colletes bee; Short Necked Oil Beetle; 

Waders: Lapwing, Curlew, Red-necked Phalarope.

The Outer Hebrides Wildlife Festival is a collaborative event being coordinated by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust from 2023-2026, on behalf of Species on the Edge programme and partners around the Outer Hebrides, including businesses, community groups and individual volunteers. We are working to connect and support communities and nature in the Outer Hebrides.

Find out more about Species on the Edge on the website:  


And follow along with the programme on Twitter (@SpeciesEdge) and on Facebook.  

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