Isle of South Uist



RSPB Loch Druidibeg Community Reserve, South Uist

Thursday 30 June at 10am


Walk starts at the car park 

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Terrain: Rough terrain, stout footwear recommended

Discover the fantastic moorland habitat of Loch Druidibeg. Loch Druidibeg is one of the best places in Uist to see both golden and sea eagles, alongside hen harriers, short-eared owls, merlin and rare divers as well as a wonderfully rich variety of plants. No booking required

For further information contact:  

Claire Bird claire.bird@rspb.org.uk or Jamie Boyle jamie.boyle@rspb.org.uk

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RSPB Loch Druidibeg Community Reserve, South Uist

Thursday 30 June at 7-9pm

Duration: 2 hours 

Special viewing evening have been arranged for visitors to the reserve to see the how the white-tailed eagle parents get on with raising their chick. Viewings will be through telescope and at a safe distance. Drop in anytime between 7-9pm, no bookings necessary.

For further information contact:  

Claire Bird claire.bird@rspb.org.uk or Jamie Boyle jamie.boyle@rspb.org.uk


The Science of Birdsong - How and Why do Birds Sing?

By Dr Rupert Marshall

Cnoc Soilleir, Daliburgh, South Uist

Wednesday 29 June at 7.30pm


Duration: 1.5 hours 

Birdsong is beautiful, and a delight to hear. But how and why is it produced? What does birdsong mean or do? This talk uses a host of pictures and sounds to try answer these questions. Songs can be visualised in intriguingly intricate images which allow us to discover details that might otherwise be missed. We'll discover how songs are recorded in the field, see just how birds can make such amazing sounds, and what birds actually do when they hear another song. From a rural dawn chorus to the sounds of the city, We'll hear how birds adapt their songs to their environment. Plus we'll see how art has informed science, and explore why being bird brained is actually quite the compliment.

Dr Rupert Marshall is a scientist with an interest in animal behaviour, and birdsong in particular. Education Secretary for the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour until recently, he spent 14 years teaching and researching at Aberystwyth University, and prior to that has worked in Sweden, Germany, the USA and London. Having started out studying psychology he became fascinated by the behaviour of other animals and was fascinated by how sounds could be analysed by turning them into pictures. Entranced by the secrets of songs, he continues to investigate their variation and meaning. Dr Marshall currently lives surrounded by eagles, otters and a wealth of wildlife in Lochboisdale, South Uist.

For further information and to book contact:  

Shona MacLellan, RSPB Community Engagement Officer by email shona.maclellan@rspb.org.uk

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Uist Sea Tours, South Uist

Saturday 25 June to Saturday 02 July

Price: £20 for 2hrs or £40 for 24hrs

Available for hire from Ceasg shop, Lochboisdale, South Uist

Enjoy getting closer to nature by getting out on a paddle board. 

For further information visit 

Paddle Boarding / Kayaking (uistseatours.co.uk)